Cosmetic Fillers and Botox in Eugene, OR

Village Plaza Dental uses botox and leading dermal fillers to improve your smile. As members of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, we combine the latest industry advancements with our expert background in dental medicine to give you a painless, effective treatment. From relieving oral facial pain to giving you a more aesthetically pleasing smile, your dental team at Village Plaza Dental can help.

A Healthy, Pain-Free Jaw

Jaw pain from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) syndrome can be caused by a variety of factors. TMJ can lead to facial pain, headaches, difficulty chewing or biting, and more. Botox is an excellent solution for those who suffer from TMD/TMJ.

Village Plaza Dental uses botox, a purified protein form of the botulinum toxin, to relax muscles and ease pain. For decades, it was used to treat eye problems and reduce and soften moderate to severe frown lines. You will notice relief in a matter of days.
TMJ Treatment - Family Dentist in Eugene, OR

More Smiles, Less Wrinkles

Botox can help you achieve a more natural, comfortable smile! From wrinkled cheeks to a gummy smile, properly applied injectables from Village Plaza Dental can solve many cosmetic issues that affect your dental health.

Botox eases and relaxes some muscles in your face, allowing you to modify how you chew, talk, smile and more – smoothing over lines and wrinkles, easing muscular pain, and allowing your body to recover.

Discounted Rates and Regular Treatments

Dermal fillers and injectables, like botox, can have profound results on your health and appearance! These injections lose their effect after 3-4 months and need to be reapplied to sustain their effects. The more regular your treatment, the more effective each application can become - meaning your smile can go longer without additional injections. Village Plaza Dental offers membership in special plans that offer discounted rates, regular service, and expert treatment!

Call us today at (541) 343-3822 and ask about our membership plans, or schedule your botox appointment!