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Dr. Gilday believes in continuing education for himself and for his staff. Dentistry is a changing field with new technologies and research that allow dentists to treat their patients with increasingly comfortable methods. Dr. Damion Gilday also strives to educate the community on the latest dental news, and on public health related matters.

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December 2015
• Keeping a Healthy Smile During the Holidays
• Three Oral Health Issues Facing Seniors
• Are You at Risk of Developing Oral Cancer?

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November 2015
• Natural Ways to Keep Your Gums and Teeth Healthy
• Exploring the Benefits of Xylitol
• 5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance Now!

October 2015
• 4 Ways to Improve Your Smile!
• How to Avoid Teeth Stains
• Have a Safe Halloween!

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How to Avoid Teeth Stains
During the autumn months, parties, bonfires, and holiday celebrations may take up a lot of your time, and depending on what you’re eating and drinking, they can also take a toll on your teeth. Follow these simple tips for keeping your smile pearly white!

Be Wary of Tooth Stainers
Certain foods are worse than others when it comes to staining the teeth, so be careful when eating blueberries, tomato sauce, beets, and other tooth-staining culprits.

Use a Straw
When drinking your favorite soft drink and watching the big game, be sure to drink with a straw. This prevents liquids from coming into direct contact with enamel and staining.

If you notice your smile starting to dull or yellow, contact us about tooth whitening. There are a variety of safe and inexpensive options that will help brighten your smile!

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