Improve Your Sleeping and Breathing

Sleep apnea affects a large portion of the population, causing pauses in breathing while sleeping. Don't suffer from subpar sleep and noisy snoring – Village Plaza Dental near Eugene, OR, can help you breathe easily, independent of powered equipment.

Freedom and Comfort

Many people treat sleep apnea with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, preventing airways from collapsing during regular breathing. These machines can be loud, expensive, and inconvenient for anyone with a life on-the-go.

Village Plaza Dental analyzes your sleep activity. After an initial consultation, we'll outfit you with a comprehensive sleep study device that will record your sleep cycles. From there, we can give you focused treatments that help.
Comfortable Sleeping - Dentist in Eugene, OR

Better Breathing, Healthier Smile

Nearly 55% of individuals who suffer from sleep apnea have brux – grinding and clenching their teeth at night as they sleep. Village Plaza Dental can fix your grinding by softening and relaxing the jaw muscles with botox, potentially improving or eliminating your sleep apnea!

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